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About Us


Aspen Learning Centre is named after a tree – the Aspen tree. This tree is no ordinary tree – the world largest living thing is an Aspen tree in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and it has 41,000 trees growing out of one giant root stock.

On the surface, the massive colonies of Aspen trees may seem to be unrelated with each other. In actual fact, every tree is interlinked with one another and such connections are hidden and well-protected underground. This interlinked root system is the means of growth for the trees. From one single seedling, new trees will sprout from the root and eventually form an entire cohesive grove of trees. This uniqueness defines this amazing species.

At Aspen Learning Centre, we have undertaken the task of developing the educational equivalent of the Aspen root system. It consists of imparting of knowledge, sharing of values and shaping of character. This is the solid foundation that we envisage will enable all Aspenites to grow fast and succeed in their future endeavours. 

Be part of the Aspen family and embark on a learning journey that is both fruitful and fun.


At Aspen, we have a simple philosophy: 

Focus on what we do best.

This has served us well and enabled us to quickly establish Aspen Learning Centre as one of the outstanding Maths and Science specialist centres in Singapore. By focusing on Secondary and JC levels, Aspen literally builds our centres around teenagers and young adults. From centre décor to communication channels (we SMS our students), we are intensely aware of the needs of our students and strive to strike a balance between learning and fun. We figure that happy students learn best and our track record has proven our point.

Content Development 

A key ingredient in our recipe for success, content development is always an ongoing activity. Starting from the last quarter of 2003, Aspen Learning Centre has been introducing our content and resources to secondary schools in Singapore. In 2004, the same team designed and developed materials for the Integrated Programmes (IP) that caters specially to students from top secondary schools. Led by our various subject directors, our dedicated team of content editors has constantly been revising our lesson materials, ensuing that they are of the highest quality and that our students receive only the best.