The team of subject directors assembled at Aspen is impressive and complete. With a subject director covering every Maths and Science subject, our students enjoy specialist-level teaching instead of a general one.


Ms Tay May Yin

Ms Tay, a former PSC teaching scholar, has 7 years of experience teaching science in the Gifted Education Programme at Raffles’ Girls Secondary School. An ever caring and dedicated teacher, she stays committed to instilling drive in her students and bringing out the best in them. Her patience, accompanied with her forte in teaching science, has helped many of her students achieve stellar results.


Ms Poh Lay Eng

Ms Poh, another PSC teaching scholar, has spent 8 years in the teaching service before joining her former laboratory partner in founding Aspen. She is the Aspen's Physics Director and plans the Physics curriculum for all levels (O-level through A-level). Known for her friendly and humorous demeanor, she fosters good relationship with her students, making it easy for them to approach her for help. In addition, her wealth of knowledge, coupled with her passion in the field of physics, has benefited students tremendously.


Mr Chua Hwee Chong

Mr Chua has the unique experience of having spent 4 years in NUS Medical School. His unique blend of clinical and textbook knowledge plus real-life anecdotes lend a special angle not found in other classrooms. Being an outstanding student himself (see his academic track record), he fully understands what it takes for students to reach to top.

Placing emphasis on strong foundations, Mr Chua focuses on teaching his students from the first principles. He also explores higher-order questions to further challenge his students to apply their knowledge and refine their concepts. Besides his clear methodological explanations, he has his own distinctive set of methods to help students tackle questions with greater ease and speed. On top of all these, his lively character adds much dynamism to classes, making them both engaging and enjoyable.



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