1. Cost issues

1.1   What are the registration fees for?

There is a one-time registration fee of $35. 

1.2   Do I need to pay any deposit?

There is a 4 lesson deposit fee payable for all new students for the subject registered at the 1st payment. This means that we collect 8 lesson fees in advance. The first 4 lessons serve as the normal class fees while the other 4 lessons serve as a ‘withdrawal deposit’. This means that if the student wants to withdraw from our centre, he/she will need to give us a month notice upon the submission of the withdrawal form. We will use the deposit to offset the following month tuition fee.

1.3   What is the mode of payment that Aspen provides?

We accept both cash and cheque payment. However, if you are paying through cheque, please ensure that the cheque is made payable to Aspen Learning Centre.

1.4   How do Aspen collect its fees?

All payment has to be made before the 14th of each month. It would be much appreciated if you can settle it by the first week. Please do note that an additional charge of $10 will be incurred if payment is not settled by the second week of the month.

1.5   What if there are 5 weeks in a month?

In cases where by there are 5 weeks in a month, Aspen will prorate the fees accordingly and inform you at the start of each month. For e.g. 4 lessons cost $157.50. 5 lessons will then cost $(157.50/4) x 5 =  $196.75

1.6   If my child were to start mid-month, how will the payment be?

If your child were to start after mid-month, we will still collect the fees of 4 lessons. For the following month, we will prorate your fees accordingly and you will only need to pay the remaining weeks left in that month. Subsequent months, we will collect payment at every beginning of the month. Please do take note that the first 4 lessons are non-refundable.

2.  Lessons

2.1   What are the subjects that Aspen teach?

We specialize in mathematics and all science subjects for secondary and junior college levels. 

2.2   If my child wants to withdraw, what do I do?

If you child wants to withdraw from his/her class, he/she needs to take the withdrawal form from our centre. Withdrawal will only be accepted when 1 month notice period is given and that the form has been submitted to the centre. Failure to give notice will result in the deposit being forfeited.

 2.3   Can my child just sit-in for one lesson?

Aspen does not conduct trial lessons for students, as we do not believe that a single lesson will be of any benefit to the student. Instead, your child can try out for 2 month lessons, which is the amount by which we charge our fees.

2.4   If my child is sick and has valid medical certificate, will there be any make-up lesson for him/her? Or can I pay less for the lessons missed?

Absent during non-holidays:

If your child is absent for his/her class, he/she will be able to join a make-up lesson within the same week or during the school holidays. A full month’s payment is still required even if your child misses any classes within the month.

Absent during school holidays,

A full payment is still required. The student can make-up for the class they were absent in during the following holiday.

 2.5   Will there by any lessons conducted during the school holidays?

During the school holidays, the teachers will be providing holiday programmes for the students. The holiday programmes would include revision or enrichment classes. This holiday programme will help the students to catch up on their previous semester’s work or to prepare them for the coming semester’s syllabus.