2013 Testimonials

Aspen Learning Centre has been a great help throughout my entire JC1 life. Having done their economics course, I have been able to make a great leap from E in the mid years to an A grade in the promotional examination. The notes given by Aspen are concise and condensed, making it even easier to read and understand than the school notes. The intensive courses prepared me adequately for the major exams and apparently, the questions given for practice came out in my exams. The lesson in Aspen Learning Centre has broadened my perspectives as well. Miss Tay, my economics teacher in Aspen, would always give us diverse views of many economic ideas and real life examples. This was especially helpful as it gave me many examples that I could use to contextualize the essays I have written.  I would highly recommend Aspen Learning Centre.

Ericson Thiang, TJC (2013)
JC1, Economics

I enrolled at Aspen since Secondary 3, and I am thankful to Ms Poh, Mrs Ng and Mr Chua for their guidance. Lessons were enjoyable because the teachers made them interesting! And I guess when you are interested you naturally pay more attention (:

Mr Chua was my teacher for Secondary 3 and 4 Biology and JC Chemistry, someone with great wit and humour. Apart from teaching, he also tries his best to connect with the students, putting in effort to know every single one of us on a personal level. I have always wondered how he remembers everyone when he has so many classes and hundreds of students!

Teaching wise, his explanations are clear and concise, teaching useful methods to help us solve complicated questions or remember fundamental concepts. Even though I did not perform up to expectations during school exams due to heavy commitments, he never gave up on me as a student and continuously encouraged me. I am glad that with his teaching and dedication, I managed to peak during Preliminary Examination and A Levels and achieved my desired grades.

Aspen Learning Centre constantly edits its lecture notes and tutorial handouts to ensure that it keeps up with the school syllabus. It also tailors its materials to suit the learning styles of students, such as concise and summarized notes, which I found particularly helpful.

So here's a shoutout for Aspen and thank you Mr CHua, Ms Poh and Mrs Ng!

Elaine Tay (2012)
NUS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Dear Mr. Chua,

Just wanted to drop you a short note to say that I’m very thankful that I heeded my seniors’/friends’ recommendations to enroll at Aspen a few years ago! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your lessons & teaching, and I’m fairly certain that my Chem results are a direct consequence of them. Plus, I think I will remember many of your various stories for years to come! Hope you have been/will do well!

Joanne Leong (2012)
London School of Economics, PSC Scholar (Law)

Hi Mr Chua!

Thank you so so much for being such a super funny, crazy fantastic chem tutor! To be honest, I'm really going to miss Aspen a lot and it's really saddening to have to leave actually. So thank you for having made lessons so fun, and for making chem lessons something to look forward to :) No matter the outcome for As, I am already very grateful for your tutelage and will never be able to thank you enough! May the brightest sunshine always be with you and continue to bring smiles to all around you :)

Jen Shanxi (2012)
Imperial College, UK (Medicine)

Hi Mr Chua,

I already informed ASPEN about my results already! But just would like to thank you for the 2 years! :) the A wouldn't have been possible without your awesome shortcuts and tips!

Elaine Goh (2012)
SMU, Law

Hi Mr Chua,

I managed to get straight As and I really can't thank you enough for all your help for the past 2 years. Thank you for helping me to understand the chemistry concepts well, and for patiently clarifying all my doubts; I am truly grateful to have a wonderful teacher like you.

Thank you so much Mr Chua!

Rebecca Zhang (2012)

2012 Testimonials

Having studied at Aspen for 6 whole years, taking on different subjects, I believe I have seen the wonders of Aspen's teachings thoroughly. Aspen emphasizes on the building of a student's foundations from the very beginning, giving rise to a much easier path of pursuance of advanced knowledge in the future. Aspen tailors its teaching syllabus to resemble that of my school's and hence always gave me a head start to the topics I was going to learn. I always found it easier to understand and apply concepts taught in school much quicker than my fellow peers. Furthermore, the cozy and fun-filled classroom environment makes learning a much more enjoyable process! I attribute my solid foundations and good grades to the dedicated and patient teachers at Aspen, without which I would never have gotten all my As for A levels! (: 

Krystal Chew (2011)
SMU Econs & Business, Lee Kong Chian Scholar

I first joined Aspen Learning Centre in Secondary Two, and eventually continued on till my final year of Junior College. What appealed to me the most was the lesson structure, which was tailored to each school’s pace of syllabus and even its style of questions. In addition, the small and comfortable student-teacher ratio allows for lively discussions and an easy exchange of questions. The concise and easy-to-read notes, as well as the relevant and application-focussed tutorials, made for useful tools that aided my study.

Most of all, the effectiveness of Aspen lessons must be attributed to my dedicated teacher, Mr Chua Hwee Chong, who makes Chemistry so easy to grasp with his simple explanations. He never fails to point out important things to take note of, or share his tips on how to deal with difficult problems. Much more than a teacher, Mr Chua injects important life lessons throughout his lessons and is a mentor to us all. Thank you Aspen and their teachers for all you have done!

Anthea Tai (2011)
UCLA, PSC Scholar

Before I started Chemistry tuition at Aspen, I was constantly haunted by E's and D's in the subject. I lacked confidence and wanted a mentor who would entertain all my doubts in Chemistry. I enrolled in Aspen, hoping this would be the case.

I was then exposed to Mr. Chua's practical approach to Chemistry. He has this innate ability to distil all the important concepts, and explain them clearly in simple terms. He emphasized key points and preempted common mistakes students would make with unerring accuracy. This really fostered and built up a deep-seated interest in the subject. With the fun he injected into class, CHEMISTRY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! I am so thankful that I was in Aspen and even more grateful for knowing the amazing teacher Mr. Chua smile

Tan Sher Yin (2011)
NUS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

2013 Testimonials

I enrolled in Chemistry tuition classes at Aspen Learning Centre in JC1, after getting an E for that subject in my Common Test. At that time, I did not know what went wrong and how I could improve on my Chemistry.

I remember going for my first lesson with some trepidation, but to my surprise, I could actually understand what the teacher, Mr Chua, was teaching! He has this ability to explain Chemistry concepts in a succinct but clear way that is understandable to students like me.

His experience in teaching JC Chemistry shows when he teaches us tips and techniques in answering Chemistry questions. Sometimes I felt that I understood more during a 2-hour lesson with him than during a week’s worth of Chemistry lectures in school. It was an added bonus that his classes were entertaining as well, with him telling us jokes and anecdotes. 

Mr Chua was also able to pinpoint my areas of weaknesses in Chemistry that had led to my poor performance in the Common Test and gave me advice on how to improve on them.

Gradually, my Chemistry grades jumped from E to B, then to A for Prelims and the actual ‘A’ Level exams! :)

Ling Li Ting (2012)
University of Tasmania, Medicine

Mr Chua is one of the most dedicated and competent tutors I have had the privilege to be taught by.  He is able to break down complex concepts and teach it with clarity, enabling students to grasp the concepts easily and quickly.  As an experienced tutor, his knowledge of the subject material covers both breadth and depth.  His teachings of application skills on top of ensuring a strong foundation in content helped me to fare better in exams.  Weekly chemistry lessons at Aspen were something I could always look forward too, as Mr Chua made learning enjoyable.

Samantha Cheong
NUS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Hi Mr Chua,

This is Natasha and I got an A for Chem! Your lessons were always both highly informative and entertaining. I always enjoyed them & getting this grade really ends the journey perfectly. Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have achieved it without you :)

Natasha Maria Rodrigues (2012)
LSE, International Relations, MCI Scholar

Hi Mr Chua,

You are one of the best teachers I have ever had - not many teachers are able to explain complicated Chem concepts in an easy-to-grasp yet interesting manner! Your dedication to your students is also really inspirational; I still remember how you would patiently answer our barrage of Chem questions during breaks/after class, and how you worked your way through tons of practice questions just to compile detailed answer keys for us.

Thank you for never giving up on me even when my Chem grades were lacking, and more importantly, thank you for making my JC Chem journey such a fun one! It is with your guidance that I was able to attain my A for Chem :) Please take care and I wish you and Aspen all the best!

Celine Chong (2012)
NUS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Hi Mr Chua,

Just want to thank you so so so so much for all the help and guidance you and your Chem lessons have given me.

I don't think I could have achieved what I got for As (which was an A by the way) without your clear and concise teaching methods and your charismatic way of conducting the lessons. I've been struggling with grades like E/S/Us for Chem and I'm really grateful for your help.

Thank you once again and my friends and I will visit you soon! See you :-)

Cornelia Tisa (2012)
SMU, Accountancy

2012 Testimonials

Aspen’s chemistry programme is very well-structured, beginning with topical lectures accompanied by concise lecture notes that lay a strong foundation for students, followed by tutorials where the teacher takes the students through challenging questions compiled from various past year papers to demonstrate how the principles can be applied, and culminating in more intensive training when examinations are approaching.

Another unique selling point of Aspen is the fact that there are separate classes for students from different schools, allowing the teacher to craft the curricula to cater to students from the various schools where the pace and the order of topics taught differ. I enjoyed my time at Aspen, as I found the teaching pedagogy a very engaging and stimulating one. Students benefit immensely from the open classroom concept whereby students can raise queries or give suggestions to tailor the classes to suit individual needs. One never fails to walk away from a lesson without feeling enlightened and seeing chemistry concepts from a different angle, which is a great value-add to what we learn in school.
Khoo Jia Hui (2011)
 9 A-level distinctions

I took classes at Aspen from Secondary 3 to JC2 and my 4 years at Aspen was definitely an enjoyable experience. The supportive Aspen staff and tutors provide students with a conducive environment for learning. Lesson materials are crafted in an exam-oriented way where key content are concisely summarised and are easy to comprehend.

In particular, I would like to dedicate my sincere gratitude to my chemistry tutor Mr Chua. Mr Chua is an experienced tutor who truly understands the needs of students. His lessons are not just informative, but also engaging and interactive. What inspires me the most is Mr Chua’s dedication to teaching. He makes himself available whenever students need consultations and is always willing to provide additional help, such as giving students customized advice and practices. In the early half of JC2, I was struggling with heavy schools commitments and my chemistry common test grade suffered as a result. Mr Chua offered to have a consultation with me and he spent the time going through my test paper, analyzing my mistakes and encouraging and assuring me that I have the potential to do well. What I also took away from Mr Chua’s lessons is the discipline that students should have for learning. He constant gives students studying tips and reminds us that we should be responsible for our own learning. To me, Mr Chua is not just a tutor, but also a mentor whom I can trust to give me advice on any areas I need.

Jenny Niu (2011)
UCLA, IE Singapore Scholar

I would like to thank Aspen Learning Centre for cultivating and instilling in me a passion for the Sciences, such as Chemistry and Physics. The teachers are not only knowledgeable, in addition, they also know how to make the learning process an enjoyable one. It is one of the reasons why I have been with Aspen since Year 1. The Math classes are also beneficial for me and the teachers have always readily cleared my doubts, thereby boosting my confidence level greatly. Thank you Aspen!

Rachel Ng Shi Ya, DHS (2012)
IP3 Chemistry
IP3 Physics
IP3 Biology
IP3 Maths

Being in Aspen for two years, I have seen what being a truly dedicated teacher means. Providing extra tuition for free outside her working hours, preparing many notes for us before our common test papers, helping us through emails, Ms Lim was the epitome of a great teacher. Even though she is young, she still has the aptitude of an experienced teacher and perhaps even beyond that. Also, my current two teachers are extremely experienced teachers, and they have helped me get 4.0's in their respective subjects with their expertise and guidance. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the teachers of Aspen that have guided my way through my studies.

Ryan Leow Chun Yu (2012)
IP3 Chemistry
IP3 Physics